There is no magic in numbes!

Publicerat: 2012-09-29 / 22:52:00 | Kategori: Kort
här kommer ett kort för en man/ kille. jag tycker det är lite svårt med såna kort men kul. tycker helatiden att det blir väldigt mycke kort till tjejer!
This is a card for a man / boy. I think it's a bit difficult with such card but fun. think all the time that it becomes very girly cards
 bilden är målad med promarker :
the image is painted with ProMarker:
black, ice grey 1,3,5, cool grey 1, crimson, ruby, ginger, buttercup, blush, ivory and blender
Carizma cardz - something for the guys
i love promarker -  all things male

Dora | 2012-09-30 / 08:23:34 |

This is gorgeous, love the style of your card with the numbers for the background. Thank you for joining us at I ♥ Promarkers this week and good luck xx

Lorraine | 2012-09-30 / 10:58:45 |

Gorgeous card. I love the image and colours.
Thanks for joining this weeks challenge at I ♥ ProMarkers.
Lorraine x

Carrie | 2012-10-05 / 21:17:00 |

Fab card, I love the no black lines effect - Thanks so much for getting sketchy with us at Sketch Saturday this week xx

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